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Looking for the Answer to Making Your CRM Strategy Successful?

Welcome to the CRMetrix web site!

Here you will discover a powerful solution for maximizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Performance and ROI.

The Solution...Strategic CRM Measurement

Seven Key Benefits of Strategic CRM Measurement:

1) Strategic CRM Measurement rapdily forges strategic agreement among enterprise leadership

2) Strategic CRM Measurement provides a common language for communicating CRM strategy throughout the enterprise

3) Strategic CRM Measurement aligns and focuses the entire enterprise on the key drivers of CRM success

4) Strategic CRM Measurement enhances the rate of organization acceptance and change
5) Strategic CRM Measurement increases an enterprise's predictive insite and early warning capabilities

6) Strategic CRM Measurement provides enterprise management with a holistic view of CRM

7) Strategic CRM Measurement provides the right information to the right people at the right time for effective decision-making and action-taking that drive CRM results

Over 70% of strategic CRM initiatives fail! The reason? Most often it's not poor strategy but...poor strategy execution. The solution...Strategic CRM Measurement.

CRMetrix has the background and knowledge in Strategic CRM Measurement and measurement-based strategy execution to help your company be among those whose CRM strategies succeed in maximizing customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability.

This site provides information about our proven methodology and tool for maximizing CRM performance and ROI.

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What is Strategic CRM Measurement?

Strategic CRM Measurement is both a performance measurement framework and real-time performance intelligence system that links long-term CRM vision, strategy and goals to specific short-term tactics, measures and action that maximize CRM performance and ROI.