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CRMetrix has developed a 5-Step process for successfully deploying Strategic CRM Measurement in your organization:

Step 1- Define CRM Strategy - CRMetrix first works with your organization's Customer Relationship Management (CRM)strategy team in a series of workshops to to design your organization's CRM "strategy map." The CRM strategy map graphically captures and communicates your organization's unique CRM strategy and the key success factors essential for success. Components of the CRM "strategy map" include, target customer segments, CRM financial goals, and essential customer, CRM process and CRM competency / infrastructure success factors.

Step 2- Select Enterprise Strategic CRM Performance Metrics - With enterprise leaders at consensus on what they want their CRM strategy to accomplish and the cause-and-effect relationships required to succeed, CRMetrix works with your CRM strategy team to select the specific metrics that will measure and drive CRM performance.

Step 3- Cascade Strategic Measures - With an enterprise-level CRM performance set of metrics or "CRM Scorecard" developed, CRMetrix assists your organization in carefully selecting and guiding enterprise "CRM strategic metrics cascade teams" in selecting measures at the function, department, team and individual employee level whose performance will drive enterprise CRM success.

Step 4- Implement CRM Performance Intelligence System - With strategic CRM measures selected and cascaded throughout the organization, a strategic performance reporting system is needed to keep enterprise managers at every level informed of the performance for each CRM metric and where improvement is needed. To be effective, a CRM performance intelligence system must get the right information to the right people at the right time. - the right information too late is useless. For a dynamic strategy like CRM, this often means reporting CRM performance real time across all cutomer touch points. CRMetrix works with your organization's CRM strategy and IT team to build an enterprise-wide strategic CRM performance measurement intelligence system.

Step 5- Entrench CRM Strategic Measurement - To maximize the benefits of your strategic CRM measurement system, CRM measurement must become entrenched in the culture and management of your organization. CRMetrix assists your organization in planning and implementing key initiatives to link CRM measurement to the management systems of your enterprise. Key management systems include: HR (e.g. selection and hiring, training and education, performance recognition and reward); Finance (e.g., budgeting, resource allocation); Management (e.g. performance planning and improvement); and IT (e.g., CRM performance reporting)

Why CRMetrix?

* Deep knowledge in CRM and Strategic Performance Measurement.

* Led development of state-of-the-art CRM business performance management methodology and portal for global CRM / Marketing Communications consulting firm.

* Broad industry experience including banking, insurance, telecommunications and healthcare.

* Thought leadership in strategic CRM measurement (Please request a list of our white papers on strategic CRM performance measurement).