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James Brewton

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Will You Be One of the 75% Whose CRM Initiatives Will Fail? Let Me Help You Be Among the 25% Who Succeed!

I am a seasoned consultant seeking full-time or "project" work with a leading consultng firm or corporation that can benefit from my experience in Strategic CRM Performance Measurement.

Implementing Strategic CRM Performance Measurement is a Five-Step Process:

Step 1) Creating Your Organization's CRM "Strategy Map" - a graphic representation that clearly communicates the critical cause-and-effect relationships of your organization's unique CRM strategy.

Step 2) Selecting Strategic CRM Performance Metrics - the 15 to 25 linked metrics that will drive strategic CRM performance. This becomes your organization's strategic CRM Scorecard.

Step 3) Cascading Strategic CRM Metrics Throughout Your Organization - linking strategic CRM performance metrics to function, departmental, team and individual employee performance measures.

Step 4) Selecting and Implementing a Strategic CRM Performance Management Portal - an automated CRM performance measurement and management system. Effective action can only be taken if it is backed by a system that gets the right performance information to the right people at the right time.
Step 5) Entrenching Strategic CRM Measurement. To fully maximize the results of strategic CRM measurement, it must become part of your organization's culture. Integrating CRM performance measurement with the core managment systems of your organization - selection and hiring, training and development, performance recognition and reward, resource allocation and budgeting - will ensure maximizing results from a strategic CRM performance measurement initiative.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become the leading competitive business strategy of the new millennium.

While the potential benefits of CRM are compelling - increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability - the risk of CRM implementation can also be significant. Recent research studies by a number of reputable firms including Gartner, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and META, report that 50% to 90% of CRM initiatives fail. And the reason for this failure is most often not poor strategy but...poor strategy execution! The solution? Strategic CRM Measurement!

As Vice President for a global CRM / Marketing Communications and Advertising firm headquartered in New York City, I was a thought leader and lead project manager for a state-of-the art Strategic CRM Performance Measurement tool and methodology designed to maximize enterprise CRM performance and ROI.

If your organization is looking for someone with best practice knowledge to help lead a Stategic CRM Performance Measurement initiative, I am eager to speak with you. Please click on "Contact Me" above. If you would be interested in receiving one or more of the CRM performance measurement white papers or articles I've written (see Resume page), please let me know.

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What Is Strategic CRM Performance Measurement?

Many organizations today claim to be measuring strategic CRM performance. However, most fall short of the mark. Many focus on department measures such as lead generation, sales productivity and customer service quality. Sure, tactical measures are important but they must be linked to enterprise strategic CRM objectives to become effective indicators of strategic CRM performance.

Other organizations that claim to be measuring strategic CRM performance rely on financial measures of CRM like customer revenue and customer profitability but omit the key drivers of financial performance like customer loyalty, operational effectiveness and employee satisfaction. Unless there is a direct and strong link between financial results and the key drivers of those results, the chance of maximizing CRM success is greatly diminished.

A true strategic CRM performance measurement system is comprised of two key components: 1) a measurement framework that links long-term CRM vision, strategy and objectives to the specific short-term tactics, measures and actions that drive CRM performance and ROI; and 2) a CRM intelligence portal that provides, real time, access to enterprise CRM performance across all customer touchpoints.

Strategic CRM measurement can be used to measure and manage enterprise-wide CRM performance, specific CRM function performance (e.g., Sales, Marketing, Customer Service) or specific CRM project / initiative performance (e.g., SFA, Data Mining, etc.).

An integrated Strategic CRM Measurement system will be one the best investments you can make for helping your organization maximize CRM performance and ROI.